2 Email Marketing Tips to Increase ROI
23 Jun 2021 Jeremy Herrington

2 Email Marketing Tips to Increase ROI

When it comes to running marketing campaigns there is a plethora to chose from, there is traditional print advertisement, there is social media advertisement, but the one that I will focus on today is email marketing. This strategy has been around for many years and can have great results if done correctly. Email marketing is a great way to reach many people in a controlled environment where you can easily target your audience. In this blog, I am going to talk about best practices when it comes to sending out emails and making sure you will draw in as business as you can.



When it comes to email campaigns the first obstacle is making sure that they open your email. Having a targeted tagline that draws in your audience will make sure that you will a high open-rate. From then on a good rule to follow is to make sure that campaigns are targeted directly towards each market segment that you see fit. This will make it more likely for customers to perform the action that you are asking from them if it is answering the email and setting up a meeting or clicking on your website and viewing the products that you have for sale. Another way to ensure that the most amount of people are going to view your email is knowing what schedule works best with professionals. When sending out an email campaign the best days to do so are Tuesday and Thursday morning. This is when you will the best opportunity for conversions.



Automation is key when it comes to running a marketing campaign, if you are sending out emails one by one it becomes a time-consuming task that may not have any success. Email marketing works in bulk, the more emails that you send out the more likely the prospective customer is going to open your email and perform the task. A good rule is to use a platform that will automatically send out the emails that are pre-written to the list of targeted potential customers. By using this you can easily scale your operation to the size that you see fit and can increase the number with just a click of a button. Automation also creates the opportunity for A/B testing. A/B testing is when you send out two emails that are quite similar to each other with a few small differences and seeing which one performs better. Then you can make sure you are using a tested email to ensure the best results. One last thing that Automation provides is clear data, most platforms will provide analytics to make sure you are getting the results you want. Putting in all the effort of a campaign and not knowing the result can be confusing and really a bad investment. When using a platform all of the data will be able to be viewed in an organized manner and will clearly show you what is working and what isn’t working.

When it comes to marketing campaigns they take time to master and takes a lot of trial and error until you come up with the best one that will provide the optimized results. Don’t get discouraged if you have a campaign with a lower open rate, that just means that one thing may have to change. You need to stay patient and stay organized. Keeping track of all data will ensure that your future campaigns are successful!



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