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Telecom products and the telecom industry are the backbone of our modern society and culture. But your products can be sensitive, expensive, fragile, confidential and controlled. And you can’t afford there to be any mistakes when it comes to kitting/assembly projects, your product fulfillment or your returns management. 

It has to be right.

We’ve been providing extensive contract packaging, kitting & assembly, order management, inventory management, testing, refurbishment and returns management services to the telecom industry for more than a decade. You would be hard pressed to name a major telecom company that we haven’t worked with.

We know your world.

And we have an acute sensitivity to the tight margins of the telecom world. We’ve continually driven efficiencies in our operations to provide the best pricing possible at the highest levels of expertise.

Give us a call and we can talk more about your business. Where you’re at and what you see coming down the road.

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