Tips For Effective Communication
05 Mar 2021 Jeremy Herrington

Tips For Effective Communication

Communication is essential for any workplace. It creates a balance between work and fun. With effective communication there is far less tension in the workplace and also creates an environment that facilitates being more than co-workers, but friends. Here are some tips for effective communication that will increase productivity or positivity in the workplace.


Listening is the best form of communication

When having a conversation listening is the best way to make sure you are giving the appropriate response. By listening you will be able to critically think and be able to really learn about the person. Everyone has had a conversation where a person was not effectively listening and it makes you think that your conversation is worthless to that person. That can cause tension in the workplace because it can make the person feel unimportant. Listening is also extremely important when you are in higher-level management. You have to listen to the concerns of your employees because if those are not addressed this can cause massive issues. Listening to any worker that is facing a problem is mandatory, you want to provide a safe working environment, no matter where they sit in the company.


There are more than verbal communication

It is stated that 93 percent of communication is done non-verbally. Think about your day-to-day how many times that you have assessed someone by the way they are dressing or just seeing how they are sitting. This is very visible when looking at job interviews. When you are the employer that is on the verge of hiring someone and you bring someone in for an interview, you are looking at what the person is wearing how they are sitting. For example, when someone is wearing a suit to an interview you assume that they are professional. Another example is when you see that a person is leaning forward and they do not have their arms crossed it shows that they are engaged and actively listening to what you are saying. When a person doesn't have their arms crossed it shows that they are an open person and that they are confident. It is things like that, that we overlook in our day-to-day life.


Communication is the most crucial thing when it comes to the office. When you are having problems with a certain issue or even a timeline. Talking about it is always better than leaving it to the last minute and then having a real issue. Communication can solve a multitude of problems, but a lot of people avoid it because they are afraid of conflict. Most people overthink situations and when they are approached directly and in a polite manner it is the solution to almost all problems.

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