Google Adword Tips - Keywords and More
21 Jul 2020 Jeremy Herrington

Google Adword Tips - Keywords and More

Search Engine Marketing is an essential part of Digital Marketing. It allows your website to be viewed by a greater audience, along with being able to specifically target the audience that you believe would result in the most revenue or engagement. My goal is to provide a few tips on Google Adwords and teach you some of the basics you need to know before you start your AdWords account.




Keywords are essential when optimizing your reach. When beginning to advertise on search engines, you need to create a Google Adwords account, so you will be able to run a campaign, choose the words that you would like to include each day, and set the daily spending limit. When looking at setting up a Google AdWords account, a positive attribute is that you only pay per click; you do not pay every time the ad is shown. Your company only gets charged when someone is taken to your landing page through the ad.


Three different types of keywords:


  1. Broad Match - This is the default type that Google has set when you are looking for keywords. Broad match makes it so whenever individuals type a sentence or synonym that resembles the keyword that you have selected, your ad will pop up. This can be detrimental, however, because the ad will be shown to people that are unlikely to buy your service or product.


  1. Phrase Match - This will make it so a word needs to be specifically typed into the Google search bar in order for the ad pop up. The ad will also pop up when there are words typed before or after the keyword. Phrase match helps narrow down the people that are searching for specific products. Phrase match also helps guide customers to your site that will most likely be interested in your product or service.


  1. Exact Match - This is when the individual needs to type the exact word or phrase that you have indicated when creating the campaign. Exact match is going to be the most precise and will be more likely to show your ad to customers with higher conversion rates.


When creating an AdWord campaign it is important to use a mixture of all of these types of keywords while focusing mainly on phrase match and exact match, since they will narrow down the amount of people that your ad will be shown to, and you would have a higher conversion or macro rate. Another helpful feature Google Adwords is negative keywords.


Negative keywords are words that will not trigger the ad to show. A good example of negative keyword use is if you do not want your ads to be shown in users’ results that search the word "Free", you must add that as a negative keyword. Using negative keywords will help your click-through rate, along with your Cost Per Click (CPC).


One final tip when setting up your Google AdWords account is to not use Branded Keywords that pertain to your company name (i.e. Complemar using their company name as a keyword). The reasoning behind this is, why would you advertise to clients that already know who you are? It may increase your click-through rate, but at the end of the day, it is wasted ad spend.


Google Adwords is an essential way to advertise your business to potential clients or to increase name recognition in your field. I recommend every company do research to see how your keywords can lead to an increase in income.

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