Lessons Learned During My Internship - The Do’s and Don'ts For The First Day
30 Jun 2020 Jeremy Herrington

Lessons Learned During My Internship - The Do’s and Don'ts For The First Day

As the semester was coming to a close, the uncertainty of finding a Co-op was prevalent. Like many of my peers, most of the opportunities vanished when the pandemic hit. This unfortunate circumstance made it almost impossible to find a full-time position because of the economic turmoil that was created. I was lucky enough to find a Co-op with a company headquartered in Rochester, NY, called Complemar. I first heard of this endeavor through my father, who is also an account executive for this company. Complemar is a fulfillment and e-commerce company with 4 locations nationwide. The role that I would be fulfilling is being a marketing associate intern.


On a typical day, I look at a calendar that I have created earlier in the week with tasks that I have laid out previously. To work for this company, one needs to be independent and confident in their skills. As a 4th year marketing major at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), I have applied almost all of the skills that I have learned throughout my college curriculum. One of the main things that I have learned is you need to have communication skills when it comes to working for any company that is in your field. Complemar has made it clear that I can reach out to anyone inside of the company, and no one is inaccessible. This type of culture is so valuable to a young adult that is taking their first steps into a profession, with Complemar, if I have concerns or questions I do not need to hesitate when reaching out because I know that I will get an answer respectfully and cordially.


A few of the skills that I found crucial when working at my first real company is communication like I've mentioned above, but not being afraid of failure. The professionals that you are going to be working alongside understand that you are new to the field and they will be understanding if you do make a mistake. Another thing that is pertaining to marketing is always present your information analytically. The upper-level management does not have time for the in-between, they need numbers and the explanation when it comes to what they mean. I found that in college we all tend to write our papers with a lot of fluff, meaning there is no real analytical value to some of the things we say. We add to make sure we reach a word count or make our presentation longer, in the real world that is not needed nor wanted. Another thing that I have experienced so far from this internship is do not be afraid to talk your mind if you have an idea that you think would be beneficial to the company let it be known. You should throw your idea out there and step out of your comfort zone a little bit. One last thing that I have learned is multitasking is necessary when it comes to an internship. They are going to challenge you, it may be overwhelming at times, but once you piece it together and allocate time to each task, you will realize that looking at smaller pieces is a lot less intimidating.


My experience so far working for Complemar has been nothing short of amazing. The people that work for this company are truly wonderful. I would recommend anyone that is looking for an internship in the future to look at this company. It has massive potential and is always looking for new talent that can help it rise to the top of the fulfillment industry. As this was my first internship and first full-time marketing position I have learned so much and I believe that this experience will be beneficial for the rest of my career. 

Complemar Locations

Rochester, NY (Headquarters)
Harrisburg, PA
Oklahoma City, OK
Reno, NV
Buffalo, NY (Complemar Print)

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