Jason Aymerich speaks at 2018 NAEOS Conference
12 Oct 2018 Complemar

Jason Aymerich speaks at 2018 NAEOS Conference

Complemar President Jason Aymerich was a featured speaker at the 2018 North American E-Tail Operations Summit last week in San Fransisco. He gave a presentation to e-commerce businesses and sellers called Strategic Onboarding: The Most Important Step in Outsourced Fulfillment Operations, where he spoke about the importance of getting the on boarding stage right when working with a 3rd party logistics provider or fulfillment company.

We were proud to be a sponsor of this event and have Jason as a featured speaker amongst speakers from such notable companies as Google, Levi’s, Groupon, and Best Buy.

The North American E-Tail Operations Summit (NAEOS) brings together the who’s who of industry executives, cutting edge service providers and media partners in the e-commerce space from across North America. The attendees are able to benchmark, share and learn real-world solutions to the universal challenges that dace every e-commerce professional in their daily work.

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