Complemar Hosts Opioid Abuse Summit
15 Oct 2018 Complemar

Complemar Hosts Opioid Abuse Summit

Complemar hosted a Town Hall Summit this week on the growing issue of opioid addiction and its effects in workplaces. The Town Hall was geared towards the business community including top management staff, supervisors and Human Resource professionals to engage, learn and strategize around the opioid crisis and its impact on business, the local economy, families and our community.

The topics covered include:

  • What to do if you suspect someone has a substance abuse problem
  • What signs to look for
  • How to approach getting someone the help they need
  • Who to call and where to refer people
  • What loved ones and concerned others need to know

The meeting included local dignitaries, business leaders, treatment professionals, law enforcement, and workplace development leaders from around the community. Attendees were provided with a number of informative presentations, as well as take-away resources and strategies to bring back to their workplaces.

Complemar is proud to have been an important part of this event and will continue to support this cause.

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