Culture of respect for diversity and inclusion
05 Jun 2020 Christine B. Whitman

Culture of respect for diversity and inclusion

To Complemar employees, customers, suppliers and friends,

The recent horrific deaths that we have seen on TV and the Internet over the last few weeks have visually exposed the social injustices, racism, and discrimination that so many members of our society have been experiencing.  Like you, I watched the video of George Floyd’s death with a combination of horror, anger and helplessness.  It is difficult to imagine the pain endured by his family and the numerous other families who have lost their loved ones due to unjust treatment by those who took an oath to protect us all.

As Chairman and CEO of Complemar, I promise you that our organization is committed to operating according to our core values of integrity, respect and caring for ALL - and we will continue to strengthen our culture of respect for diversity and inclusion. Racial inequality in this country is a deep-rooted problem that requires change at many levels. Our leadership at Complemar will do more. For us, it requires more listening and understanding so that we can build a more inclusive culture among our very diverse employee community.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, suggestions, or if we can be of help in any way.  



Christine B. Whitman

Chairman & CEO 

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