As the world around us changes, everything evolves with it. Business to Business marketing is no different. Companies are finding new and innovative ways to get their content to their clients at an alarming rate. It is stated that as companies are doing more and more research into their marketing campaigns, they are becoming more efficient and effective. A data point states that data-driven marketing yields a 224 percent return on investment. Here are is some tips and information that you should consider when creating your next marketing campaign for B2B businesses.


Customers are now self-motivated and more educated

With the internet and the amount of online content, social platforms and technology have changed. companies feel before even being in contact with a sales representative. 57 percent of Customers decide on their purchase before being in contact with a sales representative. (CEB Global) This shows that having a strong online presence will always have a positive effect on how you are perceived and could land you your next big client.


 71 percent of customers will start their search with a generic google search.

This number is a good reason why search engine marketing is as strong as it is. Do a quick Google search about the industry that you are in and add in a few words like for example for Complemar, I would look up “Fulfillment around me”. This goes with any industry do this search and see where your name is when it comes to the results. Are you on the first page? It is stated that only twenty-five percent of all searchers will look onto that second page so looking into keywords and having your website optimized will do you wonders when people that are in search of companies are scoping the area.


Internal Integration is key when looking at all the digital touchpoints.

This is when looking into your company as a whole and it’s something that all companies can work on. This is saying that having all teams working together and on the same page is crucial to having a good B2B campaign. If you think about the marketers that are working with or for your company they need to have all the information and be kept up to date so that they can have an effective campaign.


B2B marketers that use marketing automation improve sales and grow at a faster rate than their competitors

Lastly, when you have automation it will always improve sales and make you grow faster. A good example of this would be if you are running email campaigns with lead generation services. This could be a great extra step that you can use to grab new customers. Another way you can use automation would be paid social media advertisements that are automatically posted. All your team would have to do is to keep track of all of the logistics and data that is collected while keeping the budget up to date. These are two ways that you can be beating out your competitor. All of these efforts are so you can inform customers about some of the pain points that they are facing that you may be able to fix, your odds will always increase when your sample is increasing. So it is as simple as this, the more people that see your company the more likely they are going to be interested and will contact you for a quote.


You can have the best product or service, but if people do not know you exist they are going to go to your competitors. Marketing is a key tool that is a worthy investment if done right. Using some of the tips and information listed above can help you drive your B2B marketing to the next level.

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