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Retail/Wholesale - Ecommerce/Web - Subscription Based - CrowdFunding Based - Flash Sales - eBay/Amazon Marketplaces

Complemar offers robust fulfillment service for any size business. We can tailor a service plan for you that saves you money, gets your products out with 100% accuracy and same-day pick, pack, and ship service.


We can get your package to a majority of the U.S. within 1-2 business days ground service utilizing our fully integrated fulfillment centers in Reno, NV, Rochester, NY and Harrisburg, PA.

Specialists in Fulfillment:

  • 100% Guaranteed Order Accuracy or you don’t pay
  • Kitting & Assembly @ time of order, or created in advance for inventory placement
  • We process and ship 75+ million items a year
  • Technology Enabled Smart Warehouses
  • World Class Software - COMET - for Order Management, Inventory Management, Returns Management & Shipping Management
  • Seamlessly integrate with your current e-commerce/shopping cart systems
  • Extensive real-time reporting and tracking on your inventory, orders, and shipping
  • Extensive shipping options & expertise
  • East & West Coast operations provide maximum shipping & fulfillment flexibility
  • Product Returns & Reverse Logistics Experts

Learn More About Our Fulfillment Services

  • Pick, Pack & Ship

    Fulfillment Pick Pack Ship

    Our COMET Software Suite manages orders through our multiple fulfillment centers. It can route orders to our different fulfillment center locations based on the ship-to address on the order, assuring the fastest and most cost effective pick, pack, and shipping for each order. Once the order is routed, the pick, pack, ship process begins.

    Fulfillment services are based in this pick/pack/ship process. Our Smart Warehouses and technology-controlled pick systems allow us to pick orders quickly, bring them to our configured pack stations, and out through our shipping gateway quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

    Your customers count on getting their orders on time and right. This is what we do, and we do it thousands of times a day.

    We guarantee 100% accuracy in order fulfillment. Every order. Every time. Or you don’t pay for it.

  • Experience & Expertise

    Fulfillment Expertise

    We have extensive experience in all areas of product and order fulfillment:

    • Retail & Wholesale
    • E-commerce & Web
    • Seasonal Products
    • Subscription Based
    • Crowd Funding Based
    • Flash Sales
    • eBay & Amazon Marketplaces

    We Guarantee:

    • Same Day Shipping
    • 100% Order Accuracy
    • 99.99% Inventory Accuracy

    Our expertise and experience includes:

    • Kitting & Assembly - at time of order or preassembled to inventory
    • 45 million packages a year processed & shipped
    • Robust Returns Management
    • Technology Enabled SMART Warehouses
    • World Class Software - COMET - with extensive real-time reporting
    • Extensive shipping options
    • EDI Support
    • Customized Packing Lists
    • Multiple Retailer Support - we can accommodate any retailer req's, pref's. etc in packing & shipping
  • Dedicated Space

    Fulfillment Dedicated Space

    Every product we handle is assigned a dedicated location which is tracked and monitored throughout our Smart Warehouses and COMET’s Warehouse and Inventory Management Systems. COMET’s ability to optimize order flow, priority, batching/wave, and picking route efficiency is unparalleled.

    When orders are processed, they are sent to pickers over an electronic network to picker scan guns. Order flow and picking efficiency is optimized as orders are automatically organized by warehouse location (east/west coast), warehouse area (section/aisle/row), and finally by specific coded location within that warehouse. The pickers travel through the facility in a logical path provided by the system enabling the most efficient pick/pack process possible.

    Our dedicated space can be as small as a single product in a single dedicated location, or as vast and intricate as thousands of a company’s SKUs organized into dedicated sub-spaces within a single larger dedicated section of the warehouse.

    Your dedicated space can also be within the general warehouse, in secure locked isolated areas, in climate-controlled and refrigerator/cooler space, and pallet (floor & rack) or bin/shelf space, depending on your needs and requirements.

  • Growth Flexibility

    Fulfillment Growth Flexibility

    We are tremendously flexible in accommodating your growth from two different perspectives.

    Firstly, from a warehousing perspective, as you grow you will need more locations and more space within our warehouses. We have the ability to flex space for your needs from a single product to thousands of products and pallets. And we have this ability both seasonally (highly “bumpy” business) as well as in a more linear growth trajectory.

    Secondly, we have unmatched flexibility in our fulfillment staffing and operations. We can accommodate fulfillment businesses that have wildly varying seasonal order volume fluctuations - a company selling Christmas related products as an example. We can staff for and handle extremely high volume order seasons just as easily as small order off-seasons.

E-Commerce Integrations

We are fully integrated with these shopping carts and e-commerce tools. We are able to integrate into just about any other existing service/system - ask us and we will make it happen!

Shopping Carts & E-commerce Tools
  • Receiving

    Fulfillment Receiving

    Receiving is a crucial point in the fulfillment process. Efficient and effective warehousing and inventory management is dependent upon proper product receipt. At Complemar, the receiving process includes quality control product checks and establishment of product pick locations using advanced software algorithms to increase future pick routing efficiency. Average time for all receiving is eight business hours.

    Our COMET Software Suite's Inventory and Warehouse Management Systems provide our customers real-time data updates on their inventory and product receipt, and the ability to compare receipts to the PO system used to receive inventory. We use a carton and SKU based receiving process, with quality control checkpoints employed along each point in the process.

    Complemar will also provide product inspection services based on your receiving requirements.

  • Warehousing

    Fulfillment Warehousing

    We have 4 Smart Warehouse facilities strategically located on the east coast, in the central U.S. and on the west coasts of the United States, providing 1-2 day ground ship access to 98% of the U.S population.

    Our warehouses feature:

    • Clean & Modern Facilities
    • Multiple loading docks - flush & ground-level
    • Climate Control
    • Full Security Controlled/Badge Access
    • General Warehouse Locations or Secure Locked Isolated Areas
    • Single Product Location to Large Dedicated Areas
    • Dedicated HIPAA Compliant Cells
    • Refrigerated/Cooler Space
    • Pallet Storage (floor & rack)
    • Shelf & Bin Space/Storage

    Once your product is received into our warehouses, our COMET Warehouse and Inventory Management Systems will establish a unique “pick” location for each of your product/SKU’s, with a primary and secondary bin location. By utilizing practices like flexible pallet capacity and narrow aisle racking, we maximize space utilization and reduce storage costs.

  • Inventory Management

    Fulfillment Inventory Management

    Working with Fortune 100 companies and companies with thousands of SKUs/products, Complemar has gained a deep understanding of how imperative the inventory management process is within the distribution network. Our experienced personnel work with clients throughout the planning, managing and execution phases of a comprehensive supply chain program. Our COMET Software Suite's Inventory Management System is robust, yet intuitive. It handles all aspects of inventory management, centralizes data and decentralizing access and decision making. It takes away the stress of managing inventory and provides you with as little or as much information on your inventory as you'd like, available 24/7 from any internet connected computer in the world.

    Inventory Management Process

    Our receiving process is largely based on customized business rules for individual client needs. These can include low balance reporting based on established and rolling reorder points, and use of our multiple distribution centers to service end customers. All of our clients utilize our online real-time reporting, regular physical cycle counts to maintain inventory integrity, and our inventory control procedures to ensure success for even our most sophisticated client needs.

    Since Complemar services many clients that utilize our inventory management systems, the warehousing costs are lessened due to shared overhead. In addition, we use targeted automation to control operational costs through process proficiencies. We are investing development resources on an ongoing basis to improve all of our inventory management processes and software, and Complemar is committed to continual upgrades to our system without passing those costs along to our clients.

  • Cross Docking

    Fulfillment Cross Docking

    If short term storage is a need we have the ability to cross dock or combine loads from different shipments together and re-distribute to retail.

500,000+ sq ft - 5 Fulfillment Centers - East Coast, Central & West Coast

We integrate technology, fulfillment, and location to help you win. We get it done.