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COMET Order Management and Warehouse Mangemenage Software Suite

Order Management Technology & Software is at our core.

Order management and product fulfillment is difficult, complicated, tedious work. It is a major source of frustration that most businesses suffer through at some point. We take these complex business processes, centralize and simplify them, allowing you to spend less time on tactical and logistical headaches and more time growing your business. Our robust software platform is the foundation of what we do and the future of your success.

Our scalable software platform COMET is a competitive advantage within our industry and what sets us apart.

E-Commerce Integrations

We are fully integrated with these shopping carts and e-commerce tools. We are able to integrate into just about any other existing service/system - ask us and we will make it happen!

Shopping Carts & E-commerce Tools

COMET Software Suite
(Complemar Order Management E-Commerce Technology)

The COMET Software Suite provides centralized management of e-commerce (full shopping cart and custom order input platforms), and a complete Order Management System including order, inventory, warehouse, shipping, logistics, and returns management.

With COMET, all order management related data and processes are viewed, managed, and processed through our secure infrastructure. Our platform provides linkage between our e-commerce and order input processes, order management, warehouse, inventory, and shipping management and returns logistics services through an intuitive user interface.

Our customers can choose to locate their inventory at one or more of our fulfillment centers with complete real time visibility of all their transactions from every location.

Our best-in-class software team is relentlessly working on our COMET software platform adding new applications to give our customers a better experience. COMET can scale easily for small start-up operations as well as support multi-site distribution with thousands of skus. We are happy to install COMET as a software-as-a-service (SAAS) product offering for our customers who may want to maintain some or all of their in house fulfillment operations.

Our focus on improving our service offerings through our scalable software platform COMET and efficiency focused technology solutions is a competitive advantage within our industry and what sets us apart.

COMET Order Management System Warehouse Management System