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At Complemar we deliver peace-of-mind.

We are experts in Fulfillment, Packaging & Kitting, Warehousing & Logistics, Returns Management, Full Service Print, Direct Mail, and Creative Services. Our technology focus and innovative integration of services is redefining our industry for the 21st century.

We have over 500,000 sq. ft. of Smart Warehouse space with 5 locations in Rochester, NY, Reno, NV, Oklahoma City, OK, Harrisburg, PA, and Buffalo, NY. We handle more than 75 million packages a year, ship to more than 30 countries, and have 70+ years of experience serving over 1,000 customers. Most importantly, we are proud to have the best people on the planet working here who every day, every hour, every time, get it done!

Complemar Fulfillment Facts

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Our History

Complemar has grown into the company it is today out of the humble beginnings of another company which opened over 70 years ago. We continue to mark our history and growth, and on August 3, 2014 we celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary as "Complemar". Take a look at our historical timeline below to see how we got there.

Our Future

Complemar is well positioned to capitalize on the growing trend of business process outsourcing by both small and large organizations. We have developed best practices order management and distribution processes to a 6 Sigma Quality level for our customers. In the future, we expect our expansion to be derived from a combination of organic growth and through acquisition, with additional facilities in the Southeast USA, the UK and Asia.

  • 1930's

    One of the earliest fulfillment companies in the US, DeRidder located in Rochester, NY, was formed.
    Complemar History Timeline
  • 1952

    Chili Plastics, a packaging and assembly company, was formed.
    Complemar History Timeline
  • 2001

    Chili Plastics acquired DeRidder.
    Complemar History Timeline
  • 2004

    A group of private investors acquired Complemar, compelled by the immense potential inherent in the experienced team and complete offering.
    Complemar History Timeline
  • 2008

    Complemar expanded its direct mail, digital print, packaging, fulfillment, and distribution services with the acquisition of JLH, located in Sparks, NV.
    Complemar History Timeline
  • 2009

    Complemar acquired Merrill Press, located in Buffalo, NY. Merrill was originally founded as a book publisher in 1986 and grew into a commercial printer providing graphic design, offset print, Print On Demand [POD] and Variable On Demand [VOD] print, and web-to-print services.
    Complemar History Timeline


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  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered

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    ISO 9001:2015 Registered

  • ISO 13485:2003 Registered

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    ISO 13485:2003 Registered

  • GMP Compliant

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    GMP Compliant

  • WBE Certified

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    WBE Certified

  • WBENC Certified

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    WBENC Certified

  • FDA Registered Wholesale Repacker of Drugs

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    FDA Registered Wholesale Repacker of Drugs

  • NYS Liquor Authority Bonded Warehouse

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    NYS Liquor Authority Bonded Warehouse

  • FDA BioTerrorism Act of 2002

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    FDA BioTerrorism Act of 2002

  • ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board

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    ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board

  • NSF Certified

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    NSF Certified

  • Better Business Bureau

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    Better Business Bureau

  • Kodak Certified Supplier

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    Kodak Certified Supplier