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Returns Management

Complemar excels at the comprehensive process of managing items returned by the customer and facilitating their movement back through the supply chain.

Returns Management

In many industries e-commerce has become the primary sales channel. As a result, returns management has become an increasingly important part of the supply chain. With up to one third of products being returned, the RMA process must be optimized in order to just survive. Customers return product for a variety of reasons, but whatever the reason is, that product needs to be received, inspected, and dispositioned back into or out of inventory.

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  • Returns Management

    Fulfillment Returns Management

    Our Process

    Our returns management process at Complemar is in place to strengthen client customer loyalty while minimizing the costs. We focus on timely and efficient returns processing while adhering to client-specified return policies. From return receipts and disposition recording for damaged product to order processing and shipping of restocked and repackaged goods, Complemar has the experience to handle it all.

    Our Services

    Reliable returns management services contribute to improved inventory management and reduced overall costs. Whether the product is returned back to the inventory stock, returned to the manufacturer, disposed, or disassembled for spare parts, Complemar works with each customer individually to ensure a cost-effective, organized returns management process.

    As your business grows, so will the number of returns. Partner with a team who understands how to get these products back on the shelf, and back out the door.

  • Testing & Assessment

    Reverse Logistics Testing Assessment

    When testing is involved, you need a partner who uses the right process to make sure that every product is assessed. Whether we’re checking for a broken seal or validating serial numbers, you can be sure that our team has experience completing projects of any size and scope.

  • Refurbishment

    Reverse Logistics Refurbishment

    Refurbishing is a crucial component of the reverse logistics system. Complemar has built a complete and unparalleled supply chain logistics system that gives us full capability to handle all facets of supply chain logistics.

    Maximizing potential profit in a product line, exploring eco-friendly options, and reducing overall warehousing and transportation costs are what we do every day for our reverse logistics customers.

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