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E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce fails without effective Order Management and Fulfillment.


Your website can sell your products, take the orders, process credit card payments, and complete the order, but it can’t manage that order after it has been received. And it can’t fulfill that order and get the product properly packed and shipped out to your customer. That’s where we come in.

Retail/Wholesale - Subscription Based - Crowd Funding Based - Flash Sales - eBay/Amazon Marketplaces


Complemar offers robust fulfillment service and can tailor a service plan for you that saves you money, gets your products out with 100% accuracy and same-day pick, pack, and ship service.

We Are Experts

We are experts in e-commerce businesses and providing order management and fulfillment solutions for those businesses. From companies just getting “out of the garage", to rapidly growing companies who’ve outgrown their existing fulfillment operation, to major companies needing a fully managed solution, we've got you covered.

Our e-commerce business services include:

  • Web site design & development
  • Shopping cart development
  • Managed Order Receipt
  • Inventory Management
  • Complete Order Management & Fulfillment (pick, pack and ship)
  • Shipping Management
  • Returns Management

We can handle everything from your web site’s design, hosting, and shopping cart development, to final shipment of product orders. Or, if you already have a website and shopping cart, we can manage your inventory and fulfillment (pick, pack and ship), for all of your orders automatically for you. Our robust COMET Software System will tie into your existing web site, and from there, order management and fulfillment will happen automatically. You can be relaxing on a beach while your e-commerce business thrives, automatically. And with any level of service, you can always view multi-tiered reporting on your orders and inventory at any time, from anywhere.

COMET Order Management and Warehouse Management Systems

Complemar COMPLETE - A Complete Warehouse & Fulfillment Center That You Own

Complemar Complete combines our decades of warehousing and fulfillment expertise with our robust COMET Software Platform to create a completely configured and operational warehouse and fulfillment center for your company, in your building. We will come in and put in place a comprehensive strategy and set of processes and practices, alongside our robust COMET Software Suite, to have your operation up and running quickly. The COMET Software Suite includes the following operational components:

  • Complete Order Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Receiving Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Returns Management

Our Complemar COMPLETE package includes:

  • Design of all configurations & layout of your warehouse/fulfillment center
  • Install & configure all COMET Software Components
  • Install all computer and IT support infrastructure
  • Develop API’s to connect to ERP, accounting (Quickbooks, etc), or other legacy systems
  • Oversee ordering & installation of all warehousing equipment
  • Oversee ordering & installation of all fulfillment equipment
  • Provide training of all new employees
  • Provide on-going software, technical, process, and procedural support

Contact Us Today to learn more about this option for your company’s new warehouse and fulfillment center.

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